After a short stint with Vim, I’ve begun to experiment with Emacs, as well, I’m working with someone who uses Emacs extensively and I’ve used Emacs before and remembered not completely hating it. I feel the same lack of dislike having tried it again. This time though, I tweaked Emacs out and hit it with a stick to make it more manageable and coherent. Plugins and all that. Modifying the config file. You know. Tweaking it.

I’ve thrown a bunch of plugins at it. Neotree. A nice theme that is basically the same as the one I’m using with Atom and Vim. A few language specific plugins. Autocomplete. And some others. It works pretty well so far. I’ve haven’t gotten to use it that much, but the lack of modes and shortcuts that are slightly more intuitive are nice. Installing plugins is not a pain as it is in Vim. The init file is actually readable, though that might be due to my LISP/Clojure experience.


I’m pretty sure I prefer Emacs over Vim, even though I’ve used the former more than the latter. I still would prefer to use whatever I want to use without judgement but whatever.