Zsh is a shell that is basically an extended bash. The power of this lies plainly (to me, anyway) in oh-my-zsh. With oh-my-zsh, you can add plugins and themes and other additions to make the terminal a ‘nicer’ experience. I tried it for a little bit. It was definitely more colorful. More information everywhere. But I had a slight feeling it was falling into the iTunes trap.

The iTunes trap is when applications keep getting loaded with more and more features until it is a bloated mess that no longer effectively serves its original functions.

I don’t really think that a few tweaks with oh-my-zsh an zsh really falls into that, but it certainly has the possibility to. Like Emacs. There are ways to make Emacs do everything. Why, I ask?. Why?

Anyway. That is for another post. This is about Zsh.

I’ve only dabbled with it, but I’m thinking of diving into it. It does seem popular and the colors are, well, nice. Relevant information displayed sensibly! Who knew that’d be helpful? Also more effective auto-completion. Anything to make life easier, I suppose.