The Craftsman Articles are a series of posts written about clean code. Their original home is dead on the internet, but with the power of the way back machine and helpful people, there are backups made, like the one linked.

The posts follow the apprenticeship of Alphonse as he learns programming on a spaceship. That detail isn’t really talked about much up front. Alluded to generally for awhile until little bits of information is sprinkled in about the world they live in and the history. It’s kind of neat.

It reminds me of Person of Interest–seems formulaic at first but the sci-fi starts creeping in and then becomes more and more a part of the story. It also reminds me of posts from Reddit’s Tales from Tech Support. Small tech anecdotes with real-world intrigue and slightly droll characters. Speaking of characters, I felt for Avery. He had convictions and had a spark to him that I appreciated.

The values expressed throughout the many pieces were nice. I knew most of them, but with the dialogue and code they came across more organically. Enjoyable to read and pretty informative.