Okay so I’ve been using Emacs for a couple months now and have created a pretty intense configuration. Not that intense. Just…sort of all over the place. I use the GUI version of Emacs, so it is more tailored for that than the console version. I have some conditionals set up so that it is not completely useless on terminal, but it isn’t comprehensive in any way, shape, or form.

Here is my Emacs Configuration for inspection.

Some highlights:

  • Company for autocompletion. Really nice and slick. The documentation and third party packages/integration is phenomenal.

  • Counsel/Swiper/Ivy for commands, searching, and finding stuff. It took some time massaging to get working the way I wanted, but the end result is super nice and efficient.

  • AG for finding something across multiple directories/files.

  • Dumb-jump for finding function definitions.

  • Clojure font locking so that functions/built-in methods are highlighted a color that compliments with the atom-one-dark theme I have.

  • Neotree for file viewing

And more.

Yeah. I’ve spent far too long tweaking and messing with it, but it is in a highly usable state. Probably wouldn’t make sense to most people but, yeah.