The Recordings are a series of shorts done in the spirit of The Craftsman Articles. They are set in the ‘verse of The Adventures of the Trinity and the One, my science-fiction-fantasy series. Talk about shameless self-plugging, but at least I didn’t outright link to it… Anyway. These Recordings are the chronicles of two Empirians, ‘aliens,’ on Earth with the mission to learn the art of programming.

The two Empirians are:

Lapadj - A Kharatzara, or a ‘soul-eater,’ who is cloaked (shapeshifted) as the Human ‘Harrison’. Supposedly engaged in his task. Has zero chill. Lapadj

Sarela - A Szarehan. Szarehan are comprised of energy and are generally intangible. Sarela has made herself invisible and is the one recording Lapadj’s antics. She is only there for the entertainment value and something like loyalty to Lapadj. Generally salty and not a huge fan of Humans. Sarela

Other notable persons:

Anna - The Human who has found herself as the mentor/partner of ‘Harrison.’ Optimistic and attempts to be humorous.

The Spine - The Network of the Empire. Contains all forms of data and information in its databases. Also is a giant computer that exists across space and time. The Spine is the narrator of the series. Although it has been set to a ‘basic’ narration of the recordings, it does not care and adds its own quips and opinions as befits something of the Empire.

Some terms/definitions/explanations:

Tyra Kolaq’blegae - The dimension that the Empire and Earth exists in. Means ‘first dimension.’ For those inside of it, sometimes just referred to as ‘the universe’, which should be differentiated from the universe that controls all reality of Buhukiea, the realm of Catasore, the creator of Tyra Kolaq’blegae and the other multitude of dimensions that comprise Buhukiea.

The Empire - A federation of all races in Tyra Kolaq’blegae, save currently the Humans. An ancient institution with complicated customs and a proud people. The people of it are referred to as ‘Empirians’ and something very like them is defined as ‘Empirian.’ The object qualities of Empirian are greatly variable but there is a subjective quality that defines them as such.

Touring - Touring is when an Empirian goes to Earth, pretends to be Human, and takes in all the sights and sounds of the planet and culture. A slightly taboo hobby.

Cloaks - A device that allows an Empirian to basically become a Human. Very flexible.

The Distortion Field - A extremely powerful piece of perception engineering technology. It surrounds Earth and inhibits Human understanding of the universe and prevents them from realizing the existence of the Empire. How this functions is unknown, but it is thought to be made and controlled by the Ascended himself. It was quickly put into place after the Contract of Sangrae La.

Mechanicha - A race of mechanical beings and former robots that have ascended and gained souls and are equal members of the Empire.

Humans - Humans have been made three times and obliterated (wiped out of existence) twice. Both times prior to their end they had waged war against the rest of Tyra Kolaq’blegae and committed some act that made Catasore (the creator) obliterate them and then remake them. The Humans that Lapadj and Sarela interact are dubbed the ‘third generation,’ because they are the third generation of Humans that have been created. Considered weak, stupid, and blasphemous. All of those might be true.

The Trinity and the One - A group of bizarre heroes of Tyra Kolaq’blegae. Cyclone, King, Spellbinder, and Farrco are its members. The group that my novels are concerned with.

Gods - Useless beings with titles that grant them ‘greater’ understanding over certain concepts. Generally seen as useless. Two Empirians have usurped the title of God: King Haeihlseth of Magaya is the God of Magic and The Ascended is the God of Knowledge.

Assorted Tyra Tarkush definitions:

Aye - Yes Aye ky is ‘I’m with you on that’

Bashl - No

Orak - Gods/Goddesses. Orak ha means ‘Gods above’

Vehk - Switching topics. End of that thought. Cut to the chase.

Shi sho - Do tell. Do explain.

Paepeik - Idiot.

Piekal - General curse word.

And here are the posts in all their glory.