Okay, okay, okay, it has been quite a while since I’ve written a post for the Recordings series. Rest assured, I will get back to it eventually. I’ve been postponing it until something specific happens so I can feel like it is an allegory for my life. Yeah, I’m like that. Get over it. I delay publishing my stuff until I find a date that I find to be pleasing numerically. There is considerable thought that goes into the process.

Speaking of process, I have some random thoughts about the Recording series that I wanted to bring up and point out. Because I feel bad I haven’t posted much on it and it has been tangentially playing on my mind when I was writing some sections of book five of my series.

So yeah, anyway, these probably obscure thoughts, in nice bullet-point format:

  • I have yet to write a non-Empirian God that is not incompetent or bizarre. Hades is…Hades and Grapefruit, well, barely exists and has so little influence on anything.

  • King’s, and Hequera’s, perspective on going to Earth and tourism is so out of whack. Like they had this idea of it being dangerous and terrible but in reality no one cares. The Distortion Field is totally in control of the situation. Sarela and Lapadj are more aware of what a joke the Contract of Sangrae La is. I mean, (Spoilers) they are engaging in a pretty intense duel where we left off. No one cares.

  • Lapadj’s views of strict TDD adherence are kind of the same as mine. Testing is good, sure, but sometimes I question the sanity of the TDD work flow. Sometimes thinking about something and just doing it, while having tests, is a smarter, more efficient move than going the full crazy TDD process. And there is the Kool-Aid involved in it. Suggesting maybe massaging the TDD process is like committing blasphemy on the same level as calling yourself a ‘Lord’ or hybridizing. It is just a tool.

  • Speaking of tools, VIM. It is a text editor. An editor. A simple device used to be more efficient. If it isn’t making you more efficient, and the only reason you are doing it is to making you feel better about yourself and look cooler, please rethink your life. Now, if you do like it and you do find it more efficient, go ahead and use it, but don’t force other people to do it to join your weird cult.

  • ORMs – I find them more of a crutch than something actually useful, so that is why Grapefruit just tells them to write raw SQL. In my opinion, raw SQL is easier to read than trying to parse out what Korma is actually doing. Simple statements, sure, but anything more complex and I’m wondering why I’m trying to learn how Korma does something rather than write the query I have planned out in my mind (Neraq.)

  • Sarela low-key hates Humans. Well, maybe not low-key. She fought in the Caraseis War. She sieged Earth during the last day of the War. Humans are not her favorite race.

  • The Spine is a true apathetic Empirian.

  • There is a significantly high chance I will give Marcus and Jessica a cameo appearance. It may seem like they don’t get any love from me, but, oh, they do, they are just not in the spotlight. YET.

Yet. I’m not done yet with Lapadj and Sarela’s story. I have stuff planned out. I always do. Whether I’ll get done with it anytime soon is more…unknown. While I’m on still on my series ‘break’ (haha, I’m still writing book 5 in the series when I should be writing The Lost.) I might, ugh, engage with it. Might. Ish. Wish. Lish.


I’m getting there.